Funko Love Ranger #432


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From Funko. Do you prefer to drop Tilted with guns blazing or camp out in the bushes waiting for your enemies to eliminate each other? Are you the first or last player off the Battle Bus? Is solo* duos or squads more your style? Whatever your strategy happens to be* there's one thing 125 million players can agree on: Fortnite is awesome. Reenact your favorite battles* and collect your favorite outfits* with a Pop! Tower Recon Specialist* Highrise Assault Trooper* Black Knight* Moonwalker* Skull Trooper* Love Ranger* Merry Marauder* Crackshot* Red-Nosed Raider* Codename E.L.F.* Cuddle Team Leader* Omega in full armor* Brite Bomber* and Raptor. Last player standing wins!

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